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Best Ayurvedic Doctors For Piles Treatment


Vedant Ayur Shailee has come up with the Best Ayurvedic Doctor For Piles In Thane West, who are providing 100% effective treatment to all the individuals who are suffering from hemorrhoids. If you are searching for reliable and natural treatment for piles, then you have landed upon the right page, as from here you can avail of the Ayurvedic medication under the guidance of experts.

What is Piles?

It is a disease in which the veins around the anus are swelled and starts causing difficulty in daily life. It is divided into two parts, namely, internal piles & external piles. Internal Piles: It is located 2-4 cm above the anus opening, and are more common among the individuals. External Piles: It affects the veins outside the anus and it is also known for causing bleeding, cracking, and itching. According to Ayurveda, there are three different types of hemorrhoids:

Pitta Dosha: In this, the person suffers from fever, diarrhea, bleeding hemorrhoid veins, and feels thirsty.

Vata Dosha: In this, a person has black hemorrhoids, with a high degree of pain and rough texture.

Khapa Dosha: In this, a person will face issues with digestion, and also will have slippery hemorrhoids that are white in color.

Being known for the Piles Specialist In Thane West, we first diagnose the overall condition of the patient and then provide the right treatment accordingly. We not only provide the treatment but also make sure to look after their diet plans of the patients because it plays a crucial role in a healthy lifestyle.

Book an appointment with us today, and get the best and satisfactory ayurvedic treatment for piles.